Capitalizing on our vast industry resources, we provide a wide array of latest, high quality, fault free Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems in India. For more than 17 years, it is delivering a wide range of On-Line UPS up to 100KVA, Line interactive computer UPS up to 15KVA and Inverters up to 10KVA with high MTBF and low MTTR. With PWM switching topology providing a rugged and reliable design with a high degree of user configurability & versatility for a life time application of Computers and IT related products are available for use in Offices, Companies, Corporates, Industries and even at homes. Our Tubular Batteries with special grade lead alloy and certified components offer longer life and trouble free operation. These premium batteries require low maintenance. We assume continuous improvement in design and development as an ongoing process to meet varied specifications of the users. Backed by our highly competent team of R&D Engineers, we have been manufacturing and supplying power control products to satisfy back up requirements of our clients for more than 17 years as UPS Manufacturers in Bangalore.

Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems