UPS Batteries

  • Offering UPS Batteries:

    A SMF valve-regulated lead-acid battery is known for using low maintenance rechargeable lead-acid batteries. Due to their specific construction, VRLA batteries do not require addition of water to the cells on a regular basis. VRLA batteries are further classified as:

    • Absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery
    • Gel battery (gel cell)

    These sealed lead-acid batteries include a safety pressure relief valve.  In comparison to vented batteries, a VRLA battery cannot release its electrolyte if inverted. Since AGM VRLA batteries use less electrolyte than conventional lead-acid batteries

    As the name suggests, these are really "recombinant" batteries where the oxygen evolved at the positive plates will recombine with the hydrogen ready to evolve on the negative plates. This significant process helps create water that prevents excessive loss of water. In case of excessive hydrogen evolution, a valve is used as a safety feature. In flooded or vented cells, gas escapes before it gets a chance to recombine. For this reason, water is added periodically in flooded cells.  

    Due to this, higher ratio of power is provided to "floor space" than large battery systems of vented type. Furthermore, VRLA batteries are extensively used in UPS or other high rate applications for their high rate power capacity.